Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Duuuude- you could TOTALLY put your weed in there!

yes. i am high. for the past couple of weeks, my mom has been updating my house (and recruiting my help--it is MY house, after all). we moved beds and furniture. we painted. we cleaned. we ran errands like hurricane katrina was about to knock on our door. did i mention we *pained? and moved lots of furniture? it was INSANE (and totally wonderful all at the same time). only now i have acute muscle spasms near my spine and say things like "grrr", "ouch", "dammit", or the typical "uuuuggghh!!" throughout my day. how do you spell throughout? never crossed my mind until now. i took Soma about 45 minutes ago and i should be in bed sleeping it off. but this is WAY more fun. I had a shot at urgent care and happy drugs to take away the pain. it has been exactly 4 hours of pain free drug induced mommyhood. life is better through these twisty glasses. anyone want to borrow a pair? i have extras. just ask.

i love you all. peace out my friends. peace out.

btw, this is for you. thought i'd share the love.

*Freudian slip, i guess. so sad.


  1. Love the happy pills. Even if the happy pills just make you sleepy sleepy is a whole lot better then being in pain.


  2. Save one for me. I'll be over for it later.

  3. I KNOW YOU MADE THAT TITLE... JUST FOR ME... even if you FORGOT to tell me so.

    DUUUUUDE. You can put your WEEED in there. (i'm pictureing N8 and ME... laughing... SIGH! I miss you all terribly!)

  4. I would like a prescription to Fukitol ... might you be able to send me some?

  5. I should be ashamed of myself, but there are few things that make me as happy as justifiable medication.


  6. of course i wrote that title for you Ms. Jae (er, i mean say.cheese) Duuuuude!

    and Just Me-- pics of the house soon to follow, i promise!

  7. Your post made me laugh. My mother in law sounds just like your mom. Why won't she just let rest for 5 minutes in between moving all of the upstairs furniture downstairs and the downstairs furniture upstairs? Just 5 minutes!

    Anyway, I feel your pain!
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  8. IF YOU DON'T POST AGAIN SOON... I will email KERRI ROBERTS, BoldMouth... and GIVE HER ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION... (ie, home and cell phone #'s... home address... YOU NAME IT!)

    Get posting... you have until TONIGHT!... SUCKA!

    ***and THIS... Is why YOU LOVE ME***

  9. Oh how I miss THEE!.....


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??