Friday, May 04, 2007

And the HITS just keep on-a-comin!

Now Tiny girl is sick, as is the boy. I took them both into the clinic to discover (are you ready for this?!) the beginning stages of pneumonia!! WHOOT. The little generators kept their beds warm all night long, coughing and talking in their sleep...

They'll get better just in time to give it back to Sweetie; then she'll give it to Daddy; then back to me and round and round we'll go. Whoo hoo.

Here's a pic from last night though...Tiny is an absolute angel when she sleeps!

**********UPDATE saturday night*************

too late! Sweetie has been screaming in pain for a good part of the day (and sleeping the rest). I took her to urgent care and discovered her acute ear infection has returned, as well as the extremely high fever and the anxiety she so graciously expresses---

*I just might be spending more time online than ever before.

Either that or you can find me passed out on the floor amongst 1+ sick kid(s), used kleenexes, dried vomit, ear drops with a sticky lid, children's Motrin and Tylenol that has spilled while trying to draw up 10mL of syrup at 3 o'clock in the morning, damp washcloths now starting to smell like mildew, sweaty blankets, the trusty rectal thermometer, cough syrup, and inhalers that cause my children to literally climb the walls---

m-i-c-(c-ya real soon!)-k-e-y-(why? because we love you!)---m-o-u-s-e!
mickey mouse. DONALD DUCK! mickey mouse. DONALD DUCK!
...delirium is good fun, you should try it sometime.


  1. wishing you all speedy recoveries

  2. I'm sorry. Sounds like life blows right now. I hope every body is healthy soon. And your Tiny is beautiful.

  3. Holy cow, that is the worst. Seriously, what is it with kids and ear infections???????

    Poor everybody!

    That said, it is awfully good to see you peek in.

  4. There you go BITCHIN about your life again! (i love it!)

    Te he he!!!

    I love ya. Sorry that the crap is hitting the fan.

    but, hooray for the new post!

  5. Aw. Hope you all feel better soon! That stinks.

  6. How precious she is! Sorry for the sick kids. Hope they are back to 100 percent soon.

  7. Dear 19 year old girl...
    Please stop pretending you are a GROWN UP!

  8. well are the munchkins any better yet?


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