Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A picture, a memo, and a laugh...ENJOY

Ok, FINE! So we did skip Sunday school for a photo op...are you surprised??!!

Anyway, I just wanted to let blogworld know that I am NOT moving my address AGAIN. The Life of Little Miss is here to stay. I will delete inappropriate comments, I will monitor IP addresses on my website, (as well as the length of time one spends on my site), and rest assured, that if I feel even the least bit bothered by any of it...I will call you out on my blog. I will not be intimidated, and I will not be coerced into censoring MY OWN WEBSITE.

Now, having said all of that...I am open to the public once again. If you read me, (and want to keep me) feel free to link away. I enjoy reading blogs, and I enjoy reading everyone's comments. I'm here to stay, so KISS MY ASS. (that's my way of expressing love, it's ALL good!)

And continuing to express my love, here's a story!

So my sister in law came to visit us. She arrived on Saturday, (the same day as my new haircut, mind you), and she was asleep by the time I got home from work. Well, feeling all sexy and having not seen my husband much the past few days...

the next morning, I set kids up with their usual breakfast (dry cereal and sippy cups of milk) with cartoons on in the background so I could go back to bed for a while. An hour or two later, we were all getting ready for church. My sister in law was helping Sweetie (the four year old) get her tights on when she said, "hey Aunt M, this morning when my mommy got out of bed to get us some Cheerios and milk, she had on my daddy's blanket and nothing underneath!!" (giggling to herself).

Um, Sweetie, thank you very much! Of all the random things you could come up with, THIS is what you chose to share with your Aunt. Way to go babe, that's my girl!


  1. Love the photo, love the new hair cut!!! LOVE that your back public and all!!! Or maybe after this post pubic and all...sorry I just could not let that go by without my stab at naughty humor.

    Leave it to your kids to call you out!

  2. Good going sweety!!! How funny.
    Still loving the new do.

  3. Ohhh! How fun! you look a lot like me with my hair cut! :-)

    Ok, you're MUCH prettier. But still, I love your hair.

    And amen for staying. Keep bloggin' 'cause you rock at it. :-)

  4. You go get em Girl and don't take any shit!!

    You gotta love their honesty. My sweet little daughter once made the grand announcement to Grandma that "Mommy and Daddy sleep naked" My Gawd!!

  5. so if you had on daddy's blanket...what did daddy have on?!?!?

  6. Ooo La La! Sounds like you were feeling Mighty SEXY and your man agreed! :)

    Well Sweetie tells Sister in Law and You tell the World! Love it!

  7. YIPPEE!!! I asked and you told. HORRAY! I love that kid!

  8. My hubby and I freguently skip sunday school for photo ops....so you're not alone ; )

    I'm still waiting for my kids to embarrass me with some cute little observation. You'd swear that they were doin' it on purpose. Why else would they choose to say THAT thing at THAT moment to THAT person?

  9. I'm glad your not moving!

    Damn the man save the empire!

    You need to get on IM more I have things to say to you (okay I really don't) but I do have scrapbook pages to show you! I miss you!

  10. "Enjoy!" Mission accomplished. :)

  11. Yay! I'll update my link today.

    Great photo!

  12. Beautiful photo! You are gorgeous!


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