Tuesday, May 18, 2010

very funny...

I haven't logged onto this site since the last time I blogged...which was way back in November. As soon as the web page appeared, I saw a post with a huge "Waiting for Baby" logo...

Ummm...how ironic is it that I am now actually waiting for baby?

Yes, it's true. I am 11 weeks pregnant with Baby #4 and have kept it a secret since we found out on April Fool's day (true story- and it's a long one, maybe I'll share that one down the road).

ANYWAY...once again I have discovered how deeply I miss my anonymous public life. I can spout off now and then on Facebook, but I am still restricted (or guided by my own intuition) to keep some aspects of my life to myself for a while.
Then again, I suppose if I didn't accept all of my 'colleagues' as "FRIENDS" on facebook, I could have more of an open book and I wouldn't have this inner turmoil constantly ruling my posts online!!


Nonetheless, Little Miss will be blogging more often as the next 6 weeks will be quite the challenge for her. [and then some]

p.s. in case you didn't catch the memo...if you are friends with me on facebook, please don't talk about this! I need a place just for me. K thanks.


  1. Congratulations! I'm excited that you are blogging again. Maybe it will motivate me to blog also.

  2. HOORAY!
    the secret is OUT!
    i actually did GIGGLE many times when I saw the waiting for baby logo!

    LOVE YOU and this little baby already!

  3. Yeah! I am so excited that the cat is out of the bag! And that you are back to blogging. Please keep it up, I need to know what you are doing! LOL.

  4. Congrats on number 4! Very curious to hear your long story of finding out on April fools day, btw. ;-) A happy pregnancy (and birth, and child-raising) to you!


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