Friday, December 19, 2008

I love to shop!

Big surprise, eh?

This year I received gift cards from my family as well as for N8. We have had so much fun shopping for ourselves (without the guilt)--it's been amazing!

So what if I know what's under the tree? I picked it out myself and had a blast doing it!


  1. tell me... tell me... TELL ME!
    What'd ya get?

  2. Mama Mia DVD (my new favorite HAPPY GIRL movie- to replace the former HAPPY GIRL movie of Drop Dead Fred), tall crocheted (sp?) slippers from Victoria's Secret, lounge pants (for birthing babies- gotta wear comfortable but still CUTE clothes), a purple purse w/ fab matching wallet, a watch with a second hand (again, for birthing babies), and BOOKS (lots of books on you guessed it, birthing babies)!!!

    not to mention I got all the stocking stuffs and goodies and presents for the munchkins--SO FUN!

  3. I love shopping for my own Christmas as well. My mom hates buying gift cards. She says that she wants us to be able to "open something" on Christmas.

    Gifts are fun to of course. :)

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaand your dead again....

    Rise from the dead and blog my child.

  5. Hey Chica! I just found your blog! I shopped for myself this year, too... although I love surprises so it takes a little of the fun out of it for me.

    And I haven't been ignoring you. I know you sent me a message forever ago on facebook about Avery's chicken pox. It was a super mild case and I believe that was because he'd had the vaccine. It could have been sooooo much worse.

    So cool that you're doing midwifery!


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