Thursday, July 26, 2007

Up a creek without a paddle (or a suitcase or underwear or toothbrushes)

Headed to the airport today only to have our flight home delayed by 45 minutes. And not only was it late taking off but they wanted us to BOARD the plane. and sit on the runway. the. entire. "delayed" 45 minutes. until weather cleared up in Houston---(um, insert fave quote here: Houston, we have a problem!)

With only an hour layover in Houston, that left very little time for a mom traveling alone with three little rotten, screaming, crying, tired, ornery, fighting, cute munchkins to make their connecting flight. And I will NOT be stuck in Houston. Alone. With 3 kids! Do I want to take that risk?! Um...Negative Ghostwriter the pattern is full.

So I will now be headed home Saturday morning at the ass crack of dawn, and our luggage will be sitting in lockup at the airport until then. Good times!

Sweetie woke up at 3 a.m. barfing into the sink!! Then she spent the rest of the morning on the toilet--now my stomach is all crampy and I am hating life!! If the younger two get this virus, then someone PLEASE just shoot me, ok? I cannot do this.

My stomach HATES me.

I have a headache, fever, and chills.
And I fly out tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn.

Did I mention my life SUCKS right now?!


  1. That blows. I don't know why airlines are so moronic sometimes.


    Seriously, I miss you intensely. It makes me teary. And, the size of that hot coral shirt is a medium, if you please. (Unless it runs smaller than the vneck, in which case, a Large. Whatever supports my tum, freakishly large ribcage and "reclaimed bosoms".)


  3. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! THe only thing keeping me sane today was the promise of Mandi!!!! And even the crazed cherubs!!!!! You made the right choice, but good GOLLY I miss you!!!!!

  4. WHAT? You are still here?
    WHAT.... why didn't you CALL ME. I need to see you AGAIN!


  5. Seriously! Why didn't you call? We could have one more fun day. Sorry about the flight crap, but you totally made the right choice.

  6. Oh no!! You poor, poor thing! Agh! I hope all went well for you today- though I feel like that statement is so very trite...


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